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SI-AX Analog, Low Voltage Soft Starter

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The SI-AX provides an optimal solution for small to medium size motors and is an ideal cost effective replacement for Star-Delta and Auto-Transformer type starters. It is easy to install and operate with built-in Current Limit and Motor Protection, integral bypass and 3-phase control. Control voltage is not required to operate the SI-AX.

  • Built-in motor protection
  • Built-in bypass (31-170A)
  • Soft start & soft stop
  • Current limit
  • Start/ Stop with voltage free contact

Models | 8-170A, 220-600V

How to Order

RVS-AX –   31A   –   480V   –   U

Rated Current

Mains Voltage

UL & CUL Approval

U – UL & CUL Approval