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SI-MPS6 Motor Protection System

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Motor Protection System

Comprehensive Motor Protection and Control Package

The SI-MPS6 is a Motor Protection System that offers protection, control and supervision for Low Voltage high power motors and is also suitable for motors operating in a Motor Control Center (MCC).

Advanced Features

  • Monitoring 3 temperature inputs, 3-phase current, voltage and energy
  • Power measurement (single phase voltage measurement)
  • Statistical data last 10 trips -time / date stamp
  • RTD bias for thermal overload
  • Multiple Thermal Overload curves
  • Too Many Starts pre-alarm, configurable to energize dedicated output relay
  • No Start Process – starting method, allowing switching to run, if I > 10%
  • Capture and display of min and max RMS, average of 3-phase current, one voltage, min and max frequency
  • Ground Fault setting during start eliminates nuisance trips
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter programming, control and supervision.
  • 6 programmable analog outputs

How To Order


MPS-6   –   V   –   2   –   3T–   M

C/T Secondary

1 – 1A
5 – 5A

Control Voltage
2 – 100-230V
Thermal Sensor
3R – 3 RTD (Pt100)
3T – 3 THermistors
M = Modbus
P = Profibus