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Solcon Solutions offers four soft starters to fit any application you might need. Please use our Control Product finder on your left to help you find your Solcon product.



DC Injection Brake
1o-820A, 208-690V

The Solbrake electronic brake provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking of standard motors by injecting controlled DC current into the motor windings after the line contactor has opened. 

Analog or Digital


Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller
60-300A, 4160-6600V

The MV-TPS is a heavy duty, fully digital, zero-crossing, phase-control, 3-phase control power unit for all types of resistive loads.The MV-TPS is intended for control of Medium Voltage heating applications.

Analog or Digital


Thyristor Power Controller
8-1400A, 230-1000V

The TPS (Thyristor Power System) is a heavy duty 3-phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to either inductive or resistive heating elements. It is a heavy duty, digital, zero crossing and phase control power system.

Analog or Digital

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection
8A, 25A, and 50A at 50VDC

Solcon’s SCP-C Series includes a wide range of protection and measurement features. It provides the ultimate solution for continuous supervisory operation. The SCP-C is designed and built according to the stringent standards of NACE, CE and DNV.

Analog or Digital


Medium Voltage Transformer Inrush Current Limiter
Up to 100MVA, 36kV

The HRVS-TX eliminates transformer inrush current for all types of Medium Voltage Transformers, up to 100 MVA at 36kV. It is the ideal current limiting solution for Medium Voltage Transformers.

Analog or Digital

Protection Relays & Controllers

Relays, Controls, Insulation Monitoring

Advanced protection relays that combine built-in communication and programmable output relays. Including our MPS-3000, MPS-6, TPR-6, and MIP-6.



Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Solcon Solutions offers four soft starters to fit any application you might need.

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Low Voltage

Solcon Solutions offers five soft starters to fit any application you might need.

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Solcon Solutions offers all four of our Low Voltage Soft Starters for configuration. Click the button below or visit any of our Low Voltage Soft Starter product pages to get started. If you need a custom quote, please contact us.

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