8A, 25A, and 50A at 50VDC

Cathodic Protection

Solcon’s SCP-C Series includes a wide range of protection and measurement features. It provides the ultimate solution for continuous supervisory operation. The SCP-C is designed and built according to the stringent standards of NACE, CE and DNV.

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The Solcon Cathodic Protection Advantage: 

  • RS485 with Modbus Protocol
  • Over current on the output
  • Phase loss (power down)
  • Over voltage on the input side (lightning protected)
  • Over voltage on the output side (inductive voltage from external sources)
  • RMU Remote Monitoring Unit

Typical Applications:

  • Pipelines (water, sewage, gas, crude oil etc.)
  • Storage tank bases
  • Water-circulating systems
  • Jetties and harbor structures
  • Ship tanks (product and ballast)
  • Storage tanks (Fuel, oil and water)

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