2.3 - 13.8kV, up to 48MW

HRVS-DN PowerStart

The HRVS-DN is a heavy duty Medium Voltage Soft Starter, designed for all Medium Voltage AC induction motors. The HRVS-DN’s sophisticated motor control technology ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration as it minimizes the effect of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock.


The HRVS-DN’s flexible configuration is designed to meet the requirements of new applications, retrofits and OEM customization. It is available with Marine approvals and with ProGear, Solcon’s fully Type Tested Arc Resistant switchgear.


  • Configurable starting & stopping characteristics
  • Enhanced motor protection package
  • User friendly setup and operation
  • Multi-soft start and multi-soft stop
  • Unique synchronous motor starting module
  • Pump and load control
  • Advanced Electronic Current & Potential Transformer
  • Partial Discharge test according to EN50178/625.1
  • Direct Power Factor Capacitor connection
  • Unique Pump start/stop curves including special torque curve

The HRVS-DN PowerStart includes the MVCP and the ECPT for accurate control.

  • The Electronic Current & Potential Transformer (ECPT) provides complete isolation between the medium voltage and the low voltage compartments via a single fiber optic link
  • The MVCP is an advanced medium voltage control panel that features an innovative design with new communication and control capabilities
  • The Solcon Data Logger analyzes and optimizes the performance of the HRVS-DN with the integrated data logger and waveform capture software

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